About Us


Join the movement of healing, support, and empowerment of women world wide! Join Apostle Dr. Alicia Norton as she shares her courageous story of triumph over adversity, struggle and pain. 




This is an opportunity for you to connect with others who have faced similar struggles, and heal! Together, let’s create a safe space for women to share, rejuvenate, and rise above. Join the GFCWT Movement and Tour by supporting this through in-kind donations and/or monetary gifts. You’ll not only be contributing to a life-changing experience but also receive recognition and advertising for your brand or company. We’d love to share additional information with you as the event takes off running June 2024, which is very soon. Your inclusion would mean the world to us and our participants alike.



A sanctuary of strength, healing, empowerment, divine intervention, solidarity, and spiritual renewal. Our mission is deeply personal and profoundly transformative.

Founded in 2002 by Apostle Dr. Alicia D. Norton, driven by a calling from the Most High, GFCWT was born. Dr. Norton embarked on the journey to confront the struggles plaguing young women in the community. Dr. Norton recalls early in the developmental stages of GFCWT that, the silent battles of each young woman echoed in her mind, urging her to create a space where unspeakable trauma and pain could be shared. This would open the door, allowing the healing to begin. Little did she know, this space would also become a haven for mothers, daughters, and sisters alike, unveiling stories long kept in the shadows of pain and resilience.

Led by divine guidance and the unction of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Norton bore her own scars on these courageous souls, opened her heart, and shared her own trials and tribulations. She reminded these courageous women that they were not alone. She assured each of the ladies that they could conquer the pain she endured.

“My Girlfriends, it’s time to take your power back. Are you ready to be healed?” she declared. With a unanimous, resounding “yes” from women of all races, colors, and creeds, she proclaims, “Let us embark on this journey together. Armed with faith and determination, ready to confront our past, conquer our demons, and emerge as victors.”

Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and impartations from the Most High- miracles, signs, and wonders abound through GFCWT. Souls find solace, broken hearts mend, and chains of adversity are broken. Generations of misconduct are freed from the grip of generational curses, sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, molestation, pain, illness, silence, and despair.

Dr. Alicia D. Norton is a living testament to God’s Grace, Mercy, and Favor. Through the power of her prophetic gift, broken hearts have found solace, fractured marriages have been restored, family structures have been rebuilt, and lost souls have discovered redemption.

Dr. Norton reveals, “Through my darkest hours, I found light. Through my deepest wounds, I found healing. And now, I extend my hand of help and recovery to you. I’m ready to guide you toward your own path of healing and restoration.”

Sisters, friends, and fellow warriors in faith, let us gather, bond through our shared experiences, and unite in our pursuit of healing. Together, we will reclaim our power, joy, and purpose- this is OUR LIFE.